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Affiliate Program Policy 

Affiliate Program rewards members for each visitor or customer brought. As a Nori Lyon's you will be promoting the products you like in the Nori Lyon website store and give yours friends and family 10% discount. You will earn 8% of the sale.


Approval Candidates

We approve base your Instagram's engagement rate. You need to have more than 3% percent engagement rate. We also look at the type of follower. We will not approve your application if you have a large number of fake followers.


- After customer uses your promo code, they can not return the product. Products will not be refundable. 

- They will not be able to received an exchanged. 

- If they received a damaged product, they can contact us for an exchange, but they must contact us within 48 hours of receiving the package. If an exchange was made for damage product, you will received your reward on the next pay period


- Customer can cancel their order if they use your promo code. 

- They have less than 5 hours after purchased was made to cancel their order. Tell them to contact us for cancelation or Click Here

You will NOT received your reward if customer cancel their orders. 


- We pay in the first week of the month, on either Friday or Saturday. Please allow by second Sunday or Monday if you have not yet received the gift card. 

- There is no tax redemption. 

- You have the option of redeeming your reward with an Amazon gift card, an Uber gift card, or a Nori Lyon gift card.

- We will send an email regarding about the gift card from the email address you provided based on the type of payment you selected in your application.

- If you wish to change the payment method, please notify us at least one month in advance. 


- If a customer used your promo code after the 25th of the month but before 11:59 p.m. EST, your reward will be added to the next month.

- Gift card can only be redeem once

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